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"You can't call your self a CERTIFIED KING of anything if you don't display Leadership qualities that people can admire and that basically comes from having tremendous work ethic and showing leadership qualities with intergrity," says East Las Vegas Native Dula-Mite The King. , Born Abdullah Al-Amin he was raised on the Eastside of Las Vegas on the infamous 28th Street aka Da 8-Side. Growing up in a city known for their casinos and parties, until recently the world was blind to the real realities of growing up in "Sin City"... "For tourist it was all glitz and glam, for locals they lived the harsh reality of the temptations that the downtown and strip area can do to a household. Pimps, Prostitutes, Drugs, Gangs and Alcohol abuse are true realities to Las Vegas natives. "Behind the strip is where the real Las Vegas was for us and there was nothing to do but get into some mischief or avoid it by doing something positive with your life."

Dula-Mite The King began releasing music independently in 2006 with his debut single "Booty-Doo" in which he sold over 7,000 hard copies in the streets. By 2007 he released his debut Mixtape The Certified King of Las Vegas Vol. 1 w/ Dj Ophax & Dj Pimp, the highly acclaimed mixtape garnered many award nominations including 3 nominations at the 2008 Justo Mixtape Awards. In between that time Dula-Mite was a 28x winner of Artist of the week on, was a finalist in the John Lennon and USA songwriting Competition, a 3x nominee at the Underground Music Awards and was the Winner of the 2008 American Idol Underground Rap Compeitition. Between 2007-Present Dula-Mite The King either hosted or was featured on 325 mixtapes worldwide that garnered over 22 Million downloads.

In 2012 he also released the crtically acclaimed The Certified King of Las Vegas Vol. II w/ Dj Sept. 7th & Dj Lexo, once again his mixtape received 3 nominations at the 2012 Justo Mixtape Awards including "Westcoast Mixtape of the Year," He was also nominated and won 3 awards at the Black Music Awards which included Album of the Year, Artist of the Year & Rising Star of the Year. Dula-Mite has been an opening act for the likes of Gucci Mane, Tech N9ne, E-40, Baby Bash, Joe Budden, Murs, Spice 1, Bone Thugs N' Harmony, Bobby Valentino, Camp Lo, One Be Lo, Red Cafe, Omarion, Bow Wow, Paul Wall & Slim Thug.

Displaying a unique style & one of a kind flow the future looks bright for this Westcoast lyricist. Instead of following trends, he plans on setting them. "I'm trying to paint a picture," he leaves off. "I want to give them more than songs. I want to give them a lifestyle. I want to give those dreamers out there the ability to feel like they can make it out of where ever they're from and with hardwork & most importantly the blessings of God I can show them and teach them how to give back along the way." Dula-Mite is currently prepping for two new releases entitled: The Mid-Life Crisis EP & underRATED LP, which are both slated to be released in 2018. Stay Tuned for GREATNESS.

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  • Turn My Bass Up II ft Amazin Jackson & Rideout3:06
  • 2wice ft Mouthpie$e x WesttseW3:56
  • Shut The Game Down ft Elijah James2:49
  • Hip-Hop Legends ft Jake&Papa3:08
  • Lapdance ft WesttseW3:42

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