15. Raindrops Remix ft Loaded Lux & Reed Dollaz (Prod by: Bo Loc)

16. Sex Addict ft Blaze5ive (Prod by: Bo Loc)

17. Decisions (Prod by: Thursty 4 Beats)

18. Soul Glo Interlude

​19. Who You Know Better (Prod by: Sincere)

20. Everywhere I Go ft Tony Sunshine (Prod by: Marquis Holloway)

21. Uncoachable ft Blaze5ive

22. Dolemite Interlude

23. It's Dula-Mite Bitch!

24. My Regards ft M-Dot (Prod by: Mo Betta Productions)

25. Got Beef? Interlude

26. Amazing ft Yummy & Jeffery Osborne

27. Sexual Chocolate Outro

28. Bonus Track ft Push! Montana (Prod by: Mo Betta Prod.)

2.Gucci Mane Feat. Nicki Minaj - A Failure
3.DruFamous - Life Sucks
4.David Banner Feat. Hood Starz - Stand Up

5.Dula-Mite Feat. Dee-1 & S-U-Preme - How It Works
6.DruFamous - Spaz Out
7.Soulja Boy Tell`em - Turn My Swag On
8.Hell Rell - Im Gangsta
9.Outlaw Otis James - When I Use To Slang
10.Memphis Bleek - Real Nigga Shit
11.Busta Rhymes Feat. T.I. & Akon - Number One
12.B.o.B. - Born Wit It

14.T.I. - Feeling You
15.Young Jeezy - Bang Bang

1.Decipher-Dula-Mite Intro 
2.Decipher-Silly Billy 
3.Syndrome-My Hood 
4.Dr. Dre Ft. Snoop Dogg -Still D.R.E. (Mike S. remix) 

5.The Game ft Young Noble-G.A.M.E. 
6.Nipsey Hustle ft t pain-Lets talk money 
7.Decipher ft. Demon & Syndrome-We get down
8.Dula-Mite ft Samson & Semi Duce-Untouchable 
9.Sabotawj-Not your style 
10.G rated n Coleone ft Akon-Clack clack 
11.Syndrome -We Kill it 
12.Assasin ft San Quinn and Shock G-California Living

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Dula-Mite: C.K.L.V. Vol. II- I Am KING Hosted by: September 7th & Dj Lexo

16.Raekwon Feat. Maino - Realer
17.Stat Quo - Pharmacy

18.Dula-Mite Feat. Harvard Blue, Ques & Prince Neggafellagga - Generation X
19.G-Unit - I'll Be The Shooter
20.Saigon - The Rules

21.Dula-Mite Feat. J-Ness & Jumz - Snap Ya Fingaz
22.Xzibit - LAX
23.Wale Feat. Tre & Young Chris - Nightlife
24.Rick Ross - Cigar Music (I Do It)
25.Young Chris Feat. Wale & Bun B - Searching
26.Lloyd Banks - Officer Down
27.50 Cent - Tia Told Me
28.Rain - Shoot You Down
29.Nucci Reyo - Too Real
30.Grafh - Welcome To My City


13.Dula-Mite-Talking my shit 
14.Calico 101 feat Jay-Z and Lo Dub-Kill'em dead 
15.Shotgun-Got m y own style 
16.Syndrome-What's your coast 

17.Dula-Mite ft Samson & Blaylock-This is what I do 
18.2pac-Keeping the memory alive 
19.High Power Gansters-Westcoast 
20.Southeast ft Calico 101-I Bet 
21.Young Tecc-Born in the ghetto 
22.Kostello-Get a Bar of this 
23.Decipher exclusive preview 
24.Kostello-Acting a phoney

The Cali Untouchables Present: Western Hospitality 13: Hosted by: Jay Rock & Kendrick Lamar

The Certified King of Las Vegas Vol. 1 (Hosted by: Dj Ophax & Dj Pimp)

  • Turn My Bass Up II ft Amazin Jackson & Rideout3:06
  • Shut The Game Down ft Elijah James2:49
  • Hip-Hop Legends ft Jake&Papa3:08
  • Lapdance ft WesttseW3:42
  • 2wice ft Mouthpie$e x WesttseW3:56

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The Souhilla Army & Dj Mojado Presents: Da Real Deal 2- Hosted by: Dula-Mite

Devious Records Presents: Westcoast Gunsmoke: Hosted by: Decipher & Dula-Mite


1. Viva Las Vegas/King Ding A Ling
2. Raindrops (Prod by: Bo Loc
3. Mack Down ft Oun-P & P.L. (Prod by: Mo Betta Prod)
4. Passions ft Ques Fire
5 .Queen to be Interlude
6. Shawty
7. Booty-Doo Interlude
8. Booty- Doo (Prod by: Thursty 4 Beats)
9. Clap Ya Hands (Prod by: Marquis Holloway)
10. Want It Back (The Revolution) ft Ques Fire
11. Ice Cream Man Interlude
12. Generation X ft Harvard Blue, Ques Fire & Prince Neggafelagga (Prod by: Mo Betta Prod.)
13. In The Kitchen ft Team Absolute

(Prod by: (Mo Betta Prod.)
14. Dj Cutt Nice Drop